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Deathloop: New immersive sim game of Bethesda

deathloop horizontal wallpaper if at first you don't succeed die die again taken from

To be honest, I don’t remember that I saw this game on the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night among other games. Actually, I am curious about why they didn’t show up at this event? Anyway, sooner or later here it is! According to the IGN review, Deathloop is a masterpiece with a 10/10 score! By seeing a game that achieved this score, I am excited to bring you the knowledge of Bethesda’s new immersive sim game: Deathloop!

The studio behind of Deathloop

Arkane Lyon has the signature for this new title. In case you didn’t hear about them, Arkane Lyon is the studio behind the legendary game series: Dishonored.

Deathloop Game Trailer – “Nobody is gonna thank you for destroying paradise”

DEATHLOOP – Official Launch Trailer: Countdown to Freedom

We see the post-apocalyptic city at the core of the game theme. Then the provocative sound warns: “Nobody is gonna thank you for destroying paradise.”.

After this warning, our hero -or freedom fighter- takes the scene by telling us that he is gonna end this!

Have you ever played Overwatch?

Deathloop trailer is what it looks like. You have weapons and abilities to kill enemies. Its graphics are a bit like animation too, such as Overwatch. But, I can say that Overwatch doesn’t involve blood effects like Deathloop.

A bit brutal?

Yes, indeed. The game involves intense blood effects, realistic neck-breaking animation, even cutting the head off, and more!

Die and Try Again?!

As a gamer, it is our general routine if we cannot pass the chapter. But I don’t remember the game has this theme originally! Deathloop shows itself with an extremely impressive slogan: “If at first you don’t succeed… …Die, die again.”. By this slogan and the scene that we kill black woman at the end of trailer, I come up with an idea: game universe is something about reincarnation! (Update: By further investigation, I learnt that the game is about the time loop! For the story, watch this YouTube video!)

Can I play Deathloop on Ps4? Or do other consoles like Xbox support it?

Unfortunately, you can not play Deathloop on PlayStation 4 in 2021. Actually, you may not play this game in the following years too, on PS4 or Xbox. The earliest possible date for consoles -excluding PS5- is 14 September 2022. But, there is no specific announcement for PS4.

deathloop playstation 5 console exclusive. taken from
Deathloop is available for PlayStation 5 and PC right now. Taken from this YouTube video.

Is Deathloop available on PC?

Actually, the previous screenshot answers this question: Deathloop is also available on PC. You can buy the game via Steam. Here is the link for the Official Steam Page of Deathloop.

Is Deathloop Multiplayer?

The short answer for the PC version of the game is: YES. Deathloop is available to play multiplayer with people around the world. If you are killed, then you are out of the game! The game is not mainly multiplayer -at least in PS5-, instead, it has a multiplayer PvP feature. If you want to learn more about multiplayer in PS5, then you can watch this YouTube video: how DEATHLOOP multiplayer works (& the 2nd assassin) – PS5 Gameplay!