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What is Game Engine? Features of Popular Game Engines [Ultimate Guide]

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Hello everyone! Like my other ultimate guides, I want this to be interactive too! I am gonna share my humble opinions and experiences (if I have any) about different game engines. If you have any specific questions for any game engine; please meet me in the comments!

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This content will be kept up-to-date! And this update also covers your questions! Meet me in the comments to share your opinions or ask your own questions about game engines! If you want to look at my other Ultimate Guides, don’t forget to check the category!

1. What is game engine?

Yes, we again start with the basic question: what is a game engine? The game engine is the software that you construct -and then create an executable version of it- the whole game. The game engine includes all assets of the game and provides you a convenient environment to combine these assets. After this explanation; let’s meet -possibly- one of the frequently asked questions: What is the best game engine? Well, there is no best engine :). You program your own or choose the most appropriate game engine to work. Do you plan to make a PC game? Do you want to publish a game for mobile? Are you a beginner game developer? These and more questions lead you to the correct choice. Hopefully, this guide will help you to find the best choice of yours.

2. What is Unity Game Engine?

Unity engine is the game engine developed by Unity Technologies. It is one of the most used game engines today. You can take a look at the official website of Unity Engine to get more in-depth information about the engine and download the latest available version of the engine.

3. Why is Unity Game Engine so popular? Why should you pick Unity?

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Unity UI

Though I cannot claim that I know the exact causes of popularity, I can make eligible predictions: Resources & Usability.

Resources which makes Unity great for people who are searching game engines for beginners

It can be a paradox that if Unity had so many resources because of its popularity or vice versa. In any case, a wealth of online resources available freely is one of the major advantages of this game engine. Even if you are a beginner game developer, I strongly suggest you start with Unity Game Engine. It has plenty of resources online and you can believe me that many (or all at the beginning) of your questions do probably have answers available online for free!


Unity is so easy to learn and use. It is no wonder that why so many indie game developers choose this game engine. It is lightweight and it has so many build integrations on it which also makes it a platform-independent game engine. Its asset store also includes so many free assets which make you don’t need to spend a penny at the beginning of your game development journey.

Do you know that I have a topic specialized in Unity questions and answers?

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4. What is Unreal Game Engine?

Unreal Engine is one of the two most used game engines in the game development world: Unity and Unreal. Unreal Engine is developed by Epic Games. You can take a look at the official website for more in-depth knowledge, and download the latest available version of Unreal Engine for free!

5. Why should you use Unreal Engine?

Epic Games is recently popular with its free awesome game giveaways. Among its giveaways, we should take a careful look into one of its own games: Fortnite. But, why it is important in this topic that we question the importance of Unreal Engine? Did you know that Fortnite is fully developed, and continue to be developed, with the Unreal Engine? Yes, the game which is played by millions of players is developed with an engine that you can FREELY use! This proves to us that how much value this engine has.

If you ever look in Unreal Engine tutorials, you should be aware of its graphical quality. Unreal Engine has built-in high-quality graphics that frees you from implementing it manually.

Even with the recent updates including Unreal Engine 5, we have two more major causes to use Unreal Engine: Lumen & Nanite!