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Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Impressions & Takeaways

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Hello everyone! Gamescom 2021 is surely one of the most anticipated events of the year among gamers. I will interpret this year’s event and share my thoughts with important moments at a glance. So, let’s roll!

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Gamescom Opening Night 2021 Starts on 25 Aug 2021!

Some technical problem at the beginning!

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Just annoying

Today is the day! Tonight at 8 PM CET, one of the most anticipated events of the year has started. However, I am sad to say that it has started with some technical problems so that I had to watch the beginning with 3rd party streamer. But these things come and go. Let’s focus on the main area: what the hell in the game world will happen?!

Twice as many game trailers as they had last year!

kyle bosman host of the gamescom 2021 opening night pre-show
Kyle Bosman – Host of the pre-show

Kyle Bosman was the pre-show host for the show. And said that they had twice as many trailers as they had last year! Isn’t it exciting enough to watch the show? So let’s start with the first trailer.

Game Trailers from the Pre-Show of the Gamescom 2021 Opening Night

The King of Fighter 15 – KOF XV

The night started with the fighting title: The King of Fighters 15. Graphics is a bit exciting, but I don’t see any big difference among other competitors in the same genre. This game is a bit question mark for me.

If you want to see the trailer: *will be added*

Nine to Five

Unfortunately, I don’t know why they decided to make a game like this. We have tons of them. Tactical shooter. What is your difference? I don’t see any difference. Just another tactical shooter. Why do players prefer you? The trailer also started with a redundant joke about the computer virus. I see this trailer as a disaster.

Bus Simulator 21

The show continues with the simulator game: Bus Simulator 21. I don’t generally play simulator games but this trailer is really epic. Because the game is epic? No, I mean it can be good. But my point is this is how you make a trailer for a worldwide show. They arranged their whole theme with Gamescom 2021. I really appreciate and liked it.

The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes

Here is another example of a good game trailer. I don’t remember that I see a game trailer like this which is almost like a real movie trailer. Though we cannot see the gameplay, I think the quality of the trailer is enough to excite you. This game would be on your watch list if you love intense storytelling and survival horror themes.


Here comes another survival horror game. This game has the space theme and horrific aliens that you fight against with your gun. Though it looks like a cliche, we need more knowledge before criticizing.

Nobody Saves The World

Roleplaying, indie, adventure title comes next: Nobody Saves The World. If you are a fan of drawing, indie-style 2D games, then you may really enjoy this title. It has an intense magical world and advanced character mixing features like slug + magician.


Here comes the musical game: Soundfall. I am really happy to see a game like this one because this genre is generally underrated in my opinion. From the trailer, I expect a fighting mechanic based on the musical rhythms. And again based on the trailer, I think we are controlling a girl mentally sucked in the world of music. It is exciting, I hope the game would be a successful title.

Dream Cycle

Actually, they started with a good PR: from the creators of Lara Croft. This is a bit risky, though. Players expect so much from you if you exhibit yourself like this. Whatever, our next title is Dream Cycle, a game of exploration and adventure. While watching the scene in which lightning comes out of the sword (I am not sure if it comes from a sword or not, totally :)), it extremely reminds me of Skyrim. This game includes monsters, fire guns, magic, and sword. It really looks like a different world. This game can really stand out with this feature.

Gamescom Opening Night 2021 Starts!

After the pre-show, we are welcomed by Geoff Keighley, the presenter of the show. By the way, I really loved Kyle Bosman and his cat :). Goodbye Bosman, welcome Keighley!

Let’s continue our exploration without pausing a lot!

Saints Row

This game has a real value with its trailer. It is clear that they put a good effort into it. However, this theme is a bit cliche: futuristic worlds. However, we also should remember that it is a reboot of the existing universe. Let’s wait and see how this action-adventure game will be.

The show had a guest, Bryce Charles, one of the actors of Saints Row. She said that they created everything from scratch like new characters and a new city!

She also mentioned the new city which is pointed to as fictional, super vibrant, American south-west, riddled with violence and crime. She mentioned that we have 3 main gangs. One of them was Los Panteros in the trailer. All three gangs have some uniqueness and we should defeat them all.

Some of the gameplay was also shown in the show!

Midnight Suns

Metallica’s Enter Sandman, Marvel’s universe, and a fresh-new character designed with MARVEL. If you are a Marvel fan too like me, they are more than enough to make you excited about this game. A new character designed with Marvel will be in the game. You are gonna see popular characters -and play with them- in the game. You are gonna be in the Marvel universe!

According to the notes from the show, the newly resurrected character is Hunter. Completely new superhero designed with Marvel, and a fully customizable character. We are gonna fight against the ultimate evil named Lilith the mother of demons. Midnight Suns is a tactics RPG. You will choose the hero, items, and abilities.

Call of Duty Vanguard

This game could be one of the most anticipated games. From the show, we understand that the team really do the research on WW2. They searched for real stories of real people. Call of Duty Vanguard is going to include the real stories from the birth of the special forces. This game also has a female character: Polina in Soviet Army. Polina was the sniper. The campaign will have 20 different maps. The campaign will start with Polina and her team going for their first special forces mission. Polina started the war as a nurse.

Intense storytelling and new point of view among WW2 games. I am very excited.

Halo Infinite

According to the notes from the show, we understand that the first season will be free to play. We will meet the commander. Leader of Spartans. She will continue from season to season. For their 20th year anniversary, they have two things up their sleeves: a special console and a special controller.

Cult of the Lamb

Here is a cute yet dark ambiance. This title is a rogue-like action-adventure game according to the presenter Keighley. And it is expected that this game will be released in the next year, according to Keighley.

Midnight Fight Express

It is being developed by only 1 developer. And it is in Gamescom 2021. Trust in yourself, indie developers! I really loved its smooth mechanics. And it would be a pleasure to play it.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge

Beat ’em Up, a classical game full of the nostalgic theme. I really watched the part of the trailer with a smile on my face. Because, you know, it is special for our childhood. I hope the game would be able to give true emotion to the players. I think this is the key to the success of this game.

KIMETSU NO YAIBA Demon Slayer The Hinokami Chronicles

Accessibility for Disabled Players – Can I Play That?

If you want to learn more: CIPT – Can I Play That?

Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania

Saga celebrates the 20th anniversary of Super Monkey Ball. The release date for the new game is October 5th.


A game started by 2 Stanford University students. Actually, it is like a multiplayer shooter version of a Portal. If you have never played Portal, you can read my Portal game review.

Riders Republic

Here we meet the new title from Ubisoft: Riders Republic. The game looks like a simulation of a sportsman interested in extreme biking and winter sports. It looks like we will face the racing sports game at the end. Though I am not a big fan of this genre, this game has the potential to make a hit.

Beta is open for free until 28 August 2021

You can play the beta for free until 28 August 2021, available on PC and consoles. Open world, 50 player races, and some US national parks are available in-game. The game will release on October 28.

Best Microsoft Xbox Game Award

We will continue with the award and nominees.

WINNER: HALO Infinite!

Century Age of Ashes

We have a dragon-riding game. It is like racing with dragons. Though the idea is interesting, I am not sure about the gameplay and fun. We need a proper long gameplay video to make a comment about this title.


They have a slogan of fair to play. I don’t know how they achieve and what they really mean about this. Let’s wait and see together.

Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

The game is long anticipated. In the saga, for the first time, you will play all 9 films in one game. It has huge potential among other Lego games. Sense of humor, action, iconic scenes… We will wait to see what else this game will offer us.

Synced Off-Planet

A new style of shooter experience on PC. Teamwork and tactics are still important. However, there is one different thing: enemies you can weaponize to fight on your side.

The Outlast Trials

I am a huge fan of the first Outlast game. And here is the new announcement. The game will be both single-player and multiplayer available for up to 3 players.