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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Update: New Keyword & Heroes & Cards

hearthstone battlegrounds budding greenthumb avenge 3

Game that you compete against 7 players – Hearthstone: Battlegrounds

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is an example of a game of 8-players-fight-each. This genre has become popular several years ago if I recall right. Yes, this is only a mechanic: 8 players in the battleground are facing each other, and the last one standing is the real winner. Hearthstone also saw potential -in my opinion- and placed themselves in this brawl.

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Short Review

As I said before, this is a game of 8-players-fighting-each game (yes I made up this term :). If there is a general term for this genre, please share it in the comment). One exciting side of this game is you are competing in the world of Hearthstone. The game is also cross-platform, which means that you can play this game -for example- on your phone while your opponent is playing on PC. If you want to read a detailed review of this game, don’t forget to take a look at my post: Hearthstone Battlegrounds Game Review.

What is New with the Fresh Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Update

A Brand-New Keyword: Avenge

If you have already played Hearthstone Battlegrounds, you are familiar with the terms like Battlecry or Deathrattle. These terms are called keywords. Keywords show the specific effects of the card -example: Battlecry means that the card will do something once after you play it.-. With this new keyword Avenge, we have another mechanic besides them.

Avenge: Does something after X friendly minion dies.

As the title says, this feature of the card activates itself after every X number of minions die. Consider this example of Budding Greenthumb:

Budding Greenthumb gives adjacent minions +2/+1 permanently whenever 3 friendly minions die.

As you see, this new card has a skill that is activated based on the deaths of friendly minions. Whenever 3 friendly minions die (no limit of activation: 3-6-9…), Greenthumb’s skill that gives stats to adjacent minions, is activated.

37 New Minions

With this update, you have new minions as well as discarded ones. Let’s take a look at new minions.

5 New Beasts

  1. Leapfrogger – Deathrattle minion
  2. Sewer Rat – Deathrattle minion
  3. Bird Buddy – Avenge minion
  4. Reanimating Rattler – Battlecry minion
  5. Palescale Crocolisk – Both Avenge & Deathrattle minion

5 (+1) New Demons

  1. Impulsive Trickster – Deathrattle minion
  2. Icky Imp – Deathrattle minion
  3. Impatient Doomsayer (NOT DEMON RACE) – Avenge minion
  4. Kathra’natir – Other demons have +3 attack & your hero is immune
  5. Insatiable Ur’zul – Taunt & After playing demon, this consumes a minion from Bob’s tavern
  6. Famished Felbat – At the end of turn, each friendly demon consumes a minion from Bob’s tavern

5 New Mechs

  1. Pupbot – Divine shield
  2. Mechano-Tank – Avenge
  3. Grease Bot – After friendly minion looses divine shield, give it +2/+1 (base features)
  4. Holy Mecherel – After another friendly minion looses divine shield, gain divine shield.
  5. Omega Buster – Deathrattle

3 (+1) New Murlocs

  1. Saltscale Honcho – After playing Murloc, gives two other friendly murlocs +2 Health
  2. Swolefin – Battlecry
  3. SI:Sefin – Avenge
  4. Seafood Slinger (NOT MURLOC RACE) – Battlecry

4 (+1) New Dragons

  1. Evolving Chromawing – After upgrading Bob’s tavern, doubles this minion’s attack
  2. Whelp Smuggler (NOT DRAGON RACE) – After friendly dragon gets attack, gives it +2 health temporarily
  3. Tarecgosa – Permenantly keeps enhancements from combat
  4. Prized Promo-Drake – Start of Combat, gives adjacent minions +2/+2 for each friendly dragon
  5. Prestor’s Pyrospawn – Before friendly dragon attacks to enemy, deal 3 damage to this enemy

5 New Pirates

  1. Defiant Shipwright – After upgrading tavern, adds random pirate to tavern
  2. Briny Bootlegger – At the end of turn, if you have another pirate, adds gold coin to your hand
  3. Peggy Brittlebone – After a card added to your hand, gives another random pirate +1/+1
  4. Tony Two-Tusk – Avenge
  5. Nosy Looter – Every two turns, adds random golden minion to your hand

4 New Elementals

  1. Smogger – Battlecry
  2. Dazzling Lightspawn – Avenge
  3. Recycling Wraith – After playing elemental, refreshing tavern costs 0 once
  4. Master of Realities – Taunt. After friendly elemental gets stats, gains +2/+2

1 New Quilboar

  1. Gemsplitter – After friendly minion looses divine shield, get 1 blood gem to your hand

2 New Neutrals

  1. Budding Greenthumb – Avenge
  2. Witchwing Nestmatron – Avenge

2 New Heroes

Master Nguyen

Has the passive hero power: every turn, you choose a new hero power among two offered ones.

Cariel Roame

Her hero power costs 1 gold and has 3 stages

  • Stage 1: gives random friendly minion +1/+1
  • Stage 2 (requires 3rd tavern tier): gives random 3 friendly minions +1/+1
  • Stage 3 (requires 5th tavern tier): gives random 5 friendly minions +1/+1

If you want to read more about this huge 21.2 patch, you can visit this official page that I used as a resource while preparing this blog post.