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How Dying Light Coop Works? Explained in 5 Points!

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Dying Light Short Review

Dying Light is an open-world action game. It has won over 50 game awards and is quickly popular among horror-themed zombie game lovers.

Vast Open World

Dying Light gives you access to its vast unique open world. You can freely wander in the city including buildings.

Creative Combat

Gore gameplay is the heart of its combat. You have various abilities and weapon types to get an advantage over your enemies.

Day and Night Cycle

Gameworld of Dying Light pulls you into a fast-paced environment. While searching for a hunt in the day, you will probably be prey in the night! You would choose to fight against enemies at night; however, prepare to quickly run away from them without looking back!

Is Dying Light Coop?

This is a critical question if you want to experience Dying Light’s gore environment with your friends. And the answer is a BIG YES. Here is our top list explaining how Dying Light coop works.

1. How Many Players Dying Light Coop Works With?

Dying Light is a 4-player CO-OP game. You team up with the other 3 players to survive against enemies. If you want to face enemies in Dying Light’s gore environment, well, you sure want to be supported by teammates.

2. Can I play Dying Light Coop in Campaign mode?

The simple answer is yes. You can team up with 3 other players and play the campaign mode with your friends. In addition to this feature, you can play in regularly scheduled community challenges with your friends too.

3. How does Dying Light Coop Work? How to Play Dying Light Coop?

You first go to the proper online menu by following these steps: Main Menu -> Play Campaign -> Online Options

dying light play online menu
Dying Light Play Online Menu. Taken from this YouTube Video.

You can adjust online game settings via this menu like Game Type, Voice Chat, VAC Secure Game… Then press the NEW GAME button in the menu before. Then after the relatively long tutorial, you are gonna team up with your beloved buddy.

dying light coop player
Your beloved Dying Light Coop Buddy! Taken from this YouTube Video.

4. Is Dying Light Coop Split Screen?

Well, you can not play Dying Light split screen with built-in features. Instead, you should use an external executable program called Nucleus Coop. You can learn how to use this program to play on PC with this YouTube video.

5. How to Unlock Coop Feature?

To open the coop feature to play with your friends, you should first complete Prologue. To beat this mode fast, you may want to watch this Prologue Walkthrough.

Final Words

Dying Light is a great gore game that can be played both Single-Player and Multiplayer. Playing with friends is a great way to experience this world if you love to engage with other players. For further resource about Dying Light, you can view their Official Page.