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How to get PS Plus Monthly PlayStation 5 game without a PlayStation 5?

ps5 and ps plus logo image is made by me by combining ps5 logo, ps5 console, ps plus logo

ps5 and ps plus logo image is made by me by combining ps5 logo, ps5 console, ps plus logo

Sometimes we want to be ready for the future, and sometimes we just don’t want to miss the FREE offer. Regardless of your urge, do you know that you can still claim monthly free PlayStation Plus games without PlayStation 5 console? You can get your free copy of the monthly PlayStation 5 game without a PS5 console -even without any PlayStation console- to play it later. Here is how to get your PS Plus monthly game without PS5.

By the way; if you want to follow monthly PS Plus games, don’t forget to watch this tag. Here is the example post of September 2021 free PS Plus games!

Steps to claim your PlayStation Plus Monthly PlayStation 5 Game without a PlayStation 5 console

Step 1. Go to PlayStation store website

Then log in to your account that you have PlayStation Plus Subscription. Use this link for easier navigation later: This month on PS Plus.

sign in to playstation account
Sign In button on the top left of the page

Step 2. Scroll down the Page

Scroll down This month on PS Plus page to see monthly free games and click the PS5 game’s “Find out more” button.

Overcooked! All You Can Eat september 2021 ps plus ps5 game
September 2021 PS Plus PlayStation 5 Game: Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Step 3. Claim your free monthly game by clicking button

On this page, you are one step away from claiming your monthly free PlayStation Plus game. This step is simply clicking the button on the left of the screen. After this, the game you got is added to your library to play on PS5.

gotten ps plus ps5 monthly game was added to library
The game is in your library as seen on the left

What else can you do with this way?

Imagine you are away from your PlayStation…

Well, it is suitable for only claiming your ps5 game. You can also get your ps4 games offered monthly, this way. You don’t have to power on your PlayStation console just to get monthly PS Plus games to your library. For example, if you are on holiday and away from your PlayStation console; you still can get your monthly PlayStation Plus games with a few clicks via your smartphone.

The featured image of this post was made by me by combining and/or editing three images: First Ps5 image + Ps5 Black Badge + PS Plus Icon