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PS Plus October 2021 Games Analyzed In Detail

ps plus monthly games 2021 October taken from

Last month, PS Plus shared 3 games including one PS5 and two PS4 games. In October 2021, PS Plus continuues with the same strategy!

2 Free Games from PlayStation

Playstation offered 2 PS4, 1 PS5 games for October to its subscribers. What are they, and are they worth playing? Let’s see together.

Mortal Kombat X

mortal kombat x PS Plus october 2021 Game taken from
PS Plus October 2021 Game: Mortal Kombat X. Picture was taken from here.
List Price$19.99 (16 Oct. 2021)
Release Date14 April 2015
Platform (PS Plus)PlayStation 4

Mortal Kombat X… I actually impressed with the game that PS gave. Without a hesitation: Mortal Kombat is one of the greatest fighting games of all time. This game is popularly being played on PS4. Last, even if you don’t like the fighting genre, I advise you to give this one a try.

Mortal Kombat X Screenshots and Trailer of PlayStation 4

Mortal Kombat X – Official Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3

PGA Tour 2K21

PS Plus September 2021 Game: Predator – Predator: Hunting Grounds wallpaper
List Price$59.99 (16 Oct. 2021)
Release Date21 August 2020
Platform (PS Plus)PlayStation 4

This game actually needs no explanation 🙂 If you are a golf fan, you should take a look at this game. If you are not a golf fan, hey it is free. Why not give it a try if you are searching for something new to play 🙂

PGA Tour 2K21 Screenshots and Trailer of PlayStation 4

PGA Tour 2K21 – Announce Trailer | PS4

Hell Let Loose (PS5)

hell let loose PS Plus october 2021 Game taken from
PS Plus October 2021 Game: Hell Let Loose. Image from This Month on PS Plus
List Price$39.99 (16 Oct. 2021)
Release Date10 May 2021
Platform (PS Plus)PlayStation 5

Featuring sweeping maps, the battlefield is divided up into large capture sectors – allowing for emergent and constantly unique gameplay that pits two forces of fifty players in a fight to the death across fields, bridges, forests and towns. The first theater of war is the sleepy Norman town of St Marie Du Mont on D-Day 1944 in northern France during Operation Overlord. It features a stunning and detailed 1:1 scale battlefield recreated from archival reference material and satellite photography.

(Cited from here.)

Hell Let Loose Screenshots and Trailer of PlayStation 5

Hell Let Loose – Announcement Trailer | PS5

How to claim PlayStation 5 Game Without a PS5?

If you don’t have a PS5, but still want to grab your free game; you can visit my guide about it.

Final Words About PS Plus October 2021 Games

Talking about PlayStation 4, giving Mortal Kombat X for free is a great deal. It is not a dead game and very popular among fighting genre lovers. However, I am not totally sure about PGA Tour 2K21 since the subject is so niche. This month’s deals -in my opinion- are not great for casual gamers because of that fighting and sport are not so popular among gamers comparing with other genres.

Hell Let Loose… Well, I am not sure about this game. I don’t know what is different from other historical war games. It is good to give it a try to decide.