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Tales of Arise is NOT multiplayer & Collector Edition is Available

tales of arise logo taken from
TALES OF ARISE – Launch Trailer

Tales of Arise was one of the most waited games of Bandai Namco. I have mentioned that the game took place on Gamescom 2021 Opening Night. Tales of Arise is celebrating its 25th anniversary, therefore it is a special year for the team. Lindsey Stirling also played Tales of Arise’s beautiful theme. In case you missed the show, you can watch her performance via this link. Instead of more introduction, let’s start with the multiplayer feature.

Is Tales of Arise Multiplayer?

The short answer is no, as mentioned in the title. Tales of Arise offers you the intense story that takes place in Planet Dahna and Planet Rena, but the multiplayer opportunity.

How is the gameplay of Tales of Arise?

Brief Story of the game

Let’s begin with the story of Tales of Arise. The game -as mentioned before- consists of the story of two worlds. Rena has ruled over Dahna and used this planet as a colony for resources, in addition to taking the freedom of its people. Our journey consists of two characters from different worlds, each trying to change their feature.

The Next Chapter & A Game Made With Unreal

tales of arise the next chapter. taken from
Tales of Arise – The Next Chapter. Taken from Bandai Namco Website

As a game developer, I should say that I am really excited by learning this fact: Tales of Arise was made with Unreal Engine 4. This is another example that popular game engines like Unreal or Unity can be used to create great games. If you are a game developer using Unreal Engine too, you may enjoy my other post: Unreal Engine Questions & Answers [Ultimate Guide].

Classical Tales of Arise Combat Mechanics in addition to Stunning Visuals & New Story

As far as I understand from the video, Tales of Arise has a combo-based combat design. This means that you make multiple hits to the enemy without getting any damage. The feeling of movement controls is similar to any ordinary 3rd Person RPG, so nothing weird is there. If you want to watch the gameplay, use the videos below that I specifically chose their starting times.

Sword Combo – Tales of Arise Launch Celebration
Open Environment Example: Desert City – Tales of Arise Launch Celebration
Fighting Mechanics Example 2 – Tales of Arise Launch Celebration

Tales of Arise Collector’s Edition

If you are a fan of this series and love to buy special editions, you may consider purchasing the collector’s edition. Well, it is not easy to buy, at least for today. When you google the term “tales of arise collector’s edition”, you are gonna face two dead links:

tales of arise collector's edition dead links
Both links are broken, so redirects.

But keep scrolling and you are gonna find this link:

Though I don’t know the shipping conditions, this is the first working official link in Google.