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The Problem of Multiplayer Games: Toxicity

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Hello everyone! Now we will talk about the BIG problem of multiplayer gaming: toxic players. If you are a fan of multiplayer games, you suddenly understand what I mean. So, without any more verbosity, let’s dive into our problem! And just before diving, I want to mention that if you are curious about the game world, don’t forget to visit the Curious Gamer category!

What is Toxicity?

Toxicity is constantly bullying, swearing, making fun of players. Sometimes it gets so insane that you even cannot play the game because of dealing with them. If you have this kind of player in your team and s/he starts to attacking you -or someone else-, your chance to lose the game would be unfortunately high.

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Why is there a toxic person in-game? Why do players prefer being toxic?

Well, it depends. Being toxic is a choice. Players have reasons to choose them; even if they are right causes or not. The reasons for toxicity may be:

1. Low Teammates

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I mean really low level, not arguing players’ wrong judgments about teammates in this topic. If you are a multiplayer game fan and you play lots of multiplayer games; you would “probably” have found yourself in a team consisting of a player that has absolutely zero or closer number of kills -on the contrary having tons of deaths-. This situation is so annoying, right? 🙂

You would probably blame matchmaking or boosting when you face this kind of teammate. However, -besides them- there could be really more innocent causes for your teammate’s poor performance:

1-A. Just Not in the Mood

Don’t you remember the time that you play really badly without any reason? Good performance is hard to keep. Sometimes you are not focused enough. Sometimes you are just too tired, and sometimes it is just it -you don’t have a cause-. Being aware that your teammates are humans too, is the crucial step to reach this level of empathy.

1-B. Trying New Heroes

Another cause affecting player’s performance is playing with new heroes. This situation is controversial in terms of ethics. In competitive play, must players choose the best hero that they can play? Or, can they play with what they want? This topic has two points. The first one is the claim of ownership. People should be able to play with what they want since they paid for the game. And the game even has no written rule that telling me not to choose any hero in general. Don’t they have a point?

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On the other hand, competitive play requires ethical dedication. All players in the team should compete to win as a whole. That is the core idea of competitive play. Do having ownership of the game allows you to ruin your teammates’ game by playing with the hero that you have never played before?

2. WRONG prejudice about teammates

This is one of the most catastrophic hidden effects of a toxic community. Mark my words: Toxicity gives birth to toxicity. The harmless player enters the competitive mode and its game is ruined by a toxic player. When this player faces any sparkling of these acts, she/he suddenly becomes proactive.

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It is not a surprise if this claim is wrong, then it would be not a surprise that the victim player suddenly becomes for real. Actually, this inaccurate prejudgement didn’t happen on its own. Yes, the player who is the owner of this claim is guilty. However, it is not all her/his fault. The toxic community hugely affected her/his opinions. Toxicity is infectious.

3. Toxicity: A way of showing emotions? What about a toxic relationship, then?

We are humans. And like all human beings, we have emotions. Sometimes these emotions become so intense that we cannot even control our physical behaviors. From time to time, it is hard to explain our senses. However, while playing computer games, it is easier to show our feelings.

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We show our emotions easily while playing computer games because we don’t see our teammates. Is it the same to tell how you feel by looking at someone’s eyes directly? Of course, no! This comfort also makes bullying easier, unfortunately. But, it is not an excuse to be a toxic player. Humans should be able to do something different to express emotions. For example: talking.

Final Words on Toxicity

Don’t try to convince me by telling that she/he was a toxic first. Or don’t tell me that she/he doesn’t understand a kind communication. Changing the community starts with a (one) player. This player is you. You change yourself first, then you will start to pull good (morally) players to you.