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Unreal Engine Questions & Answers [Ultimate Guide]

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Hello everyone! Today we will start a new ultimate guide to serve you as an Unreal Engine tutorial. My experiences and your valuable contributions will guide me in shaping this post. While saying your contributions, I mean you can ask your very own questions or share your opinions! It can be anything as basic as “what is Unreal?”. Let’s roll!

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This content will be kept up-to-date! Meet me in the comments to share your opinions and your very own questions! If you want to read more posts like this one, don’t forget to look at the Ultimate Guide and Technical Spot of Games categories!

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1. How can I change project name?

Step 1: Start Unreal Engine and open the project

Open desired project.

Step 2: Edit – Project Settings…

Go to project settings.

edit project settings unreal
Edit -> Project Settings

Step 3: Project – Description – About – Project Name

From this page, look at the About section. Here, you will find the Project Name section.

edit project name
Project Name section

Step 4: Change project name

Type your desired name here.

edit project name and project description
Project Name and Description was changed

Step 5: Change folder and uproject name

Well, in my opinion, the previous step should have been enough. However, I don’t know why it isn’t. Why is it so hard to implement this feature in Unreal Engine? Well, anyway. You should do this manually.

unreal engine folder and directory
Folder and uproject names were changed manually

2. How to install Unreal Engine 5?

It is simple but it has a different installing section.

Step 1: Open Epic Games launcher then go to Unreal Engine tab

Open the launcher and go to the Unreal Engine section from the left menu.

upper left panel of epic games launcher
Epic Games – Unreal Engine

Step 2: Go to either UE5 tab or Library tab. I will continue with UE5 tab

Go to the UE5 tab from the upper menu. Yes, Epic Games created an extra tab for their new engine. Then click Download Early Access.

ue5 tab of epic games launcher
Unreal Engine – UE5

Step 2: Click DOWNLOAD EARLY ACCESS button and there will be upcoming warning

Just click “DOWNLOAD EARLY ACCESS” button, then you will be redirected to the Library page. Then simply click the yellow install button.

install 5.0.0 early access 2 warning page
Click the Install button after confirming the warning page

Step 3: Choose your installation location and start installing

After choosing the install location, you can start installing by pressing the “Install” button.

choose install location page of epic games before installing ue5
Click the install button after confirming the installation folder

3. How to make cursor disappear at start?

In Unreal Engine language, you want to set your focus to the game viewport. This is done with the function having the same name.

set focus to game viewport function
Set Focus to Game Viewport

4. How to call function after waiting x seconds?

There are several approaches to this problem. One of them is using the Set Timer by Event function. This function takes an Event and calls it after waiting x seconds set in Time. Looping and Initial Start Delay can also be changed within this function.

set timer by event and create event
Set Timer by Event

5. Localizing in Unreal Engine. How to support multiple languages in game?

The first section that you are going to look at is Localization Dashboard. You can find this dashboard in the Window menu.

Localization Dashboard section of Window menu
Window – Localization Dashboard

Rather than strings, FText is used to translate in-game texts. Every FText can be translatable. Native pin shows default game language. If you are working in English, it is better to leave that option in English.

localization dashboard unreal engine

Click gather text to get all FText elements.

You can add your preferred language from Add New Culture menu. Then click the first icon of actions to view the translation page.

edit translations for this culture.
Edit translations for this culture.

You can manually translate your texts from this menu.

translations page
Type your translation

Then you can click Save, then close this window. After this, you will Compile Text. Then your translated text will be ready to use.

compile text compile translations completed
Compile Translations is completed

After successfully completed these steps, you will activate culture via blueprint. Remember that you will use country code as input (en, tr, etc.).

change language set current culture blueprint
Set Current Culture

You would need to run the game in standalone mode to see the effect.

6. How to change editor startup map? How to change game default map?

Step 1: Edit -> Project Settings…

Go to Edit from the top left and click Project Settings… from the opened hamburger menu.

Step 2: Maps & Modes -> Default Maps

From the left menu, go to Maps & Modes. Then in the middle of the window, you can change editor startup map or game default map.

Default Maps -> Editor Startup Map & Game Default Map

7. How to get OS language?

This is so useful especially if you are trying to create a localized experience for your players. Here is a function: Get Default Language. I use it to set current language at the very beginning.

Get Default Language

8. How to define global variable that is available for all maps?

Simple answer: use game instance. Game instance is like a unique instance that is created when game is launched and it is not destroyed until game is closed. For more info: UGameInstance

For example to use case: I use global language variable to set the same culture for all maps.

9. I cannot change sky sphere sun height! How can I override its value?

Well, it is an annoying problem. You cannot just change sun height in properties of Sky Sphere, if you have Directional Light Actor attached:

sky sphere sun height cannot be changed
You cannot simply slide the value of Sun Height

Instead, you should change the light source angle, and click the Refresh Material checkbox. I know that it seems as checkbox, but it is actually a button. 🙂

If you want to change Sun Height directly, you can simply unattach Directional Light Actor from the Default section of Sky sphere.